Tune Update License




This is for customers that already own a copy of our N51 / N52 tune and want an update IE burbles, headers, intake swap or calibration adjustments. This also allows customers that currently own an iflash cable and want to upgrade to our new flashing software (cable not included). Tune file updates can take up to 1 week to process at this time.

Order number and VIN are required.

Tuning Software Support Warranty

Support for our tuning software, calibration files, calibration file updates, & flashing tools are good for 6 months starting after the date of purchase. Calibration file updates are limited to 3 updates during this period, after the 3 updates or 6 month period, you have to purchase a tune update license. If you have an older iFlash cable you may order this upgrade path to get access to our newer software, this does not include the cost of our tuning new cable.