2016 – 2020 BMW & A90 Supra Unlock




The title says it all! If you have a late model N55, S55, B48, B58, N63TU3 or S58. BMW & Toyota (Fxx & Gxx) have locked out the DME (engine computer) from tune adjustments and needs to be unlocked. We offer a remote service that can take care of the issue and works with both MHD & Bootmod3.

NOTE We can only Unlock DMEs up to 03/20 build date.


  1. Place an order on our website or by phone
  2. Remove the DME *Location may very by model and year*
  3. Print out a copy of your invoice and mail it, a return shipping label, and the DME to the address listed below
  4. Once you receive the DME from us, install and flash your tune of choice. Thats it!

Stage Fabrication & Performance

5240 NC 96 Suite 104
Youngsville NC, 27596