SFP N63TU Performance Tune



Get near stock M5 performance out of your 4.4L twin turbo v8! Our stage 1 tune picks up 100hp to the rears.

  • Burble option
  • Off road tune
  • E50 tune

Stage 1

  • 100 rwhp / 140rwtq

Stage 2

  • 120 rwhp / 150rwtq

Disclaimer: This software is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board (CARB) Any use of this software on California public roads is prohibited. This software is compatible with the options listed above any other modifications will require a charge for a custom tune. Dyno results were done with SAE correction factor and smooth level 5 on our dynojet 224x Results may vary from other dynos, weather or load conditions.

We DO NOT design tunes to defeat any of your emissions components. We are not in the business of getting your car ready to pass inspection.